Intercultural Summer Ecocamp Baikal – 2008 (22/8-7/9/2008)

Reports and photos:


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German and Buryatian press articles

school magazine of the Gymnasium "In der Wüste"

exposition of the Gymnasium "In der Wüste"

Reports written by pupils from Osnabrück

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Photo documentation

1st day, 23/08, Saturday

Arrival in Ulan-Ude, Airport „Baikal“. Meeting with the host families. Eating and sleeping at the host families: photos

2nd day, 24/08, Sunday (partly already on 23/8/08)

City walking tour: „Ulan-Ude as the gate to Eurasien“: photos

3rd day, 25/08, Monday

  • Bus ride to the Lake Baikal at Maksimikha: photos
  • First bathing in the lake: photos .
  • Presentation evening „Me, You, we all together in the circle of friends“ - camp fire: photos

4th Day, 26/08, Tuesday

  • Intercultural training "Hear and understand each other": photos
  • Open-air museum and Maksimicha: photos
  • Party „Buryatia introduces itself“ (Buryatian songs, dances, fashion show): photos

5th day, 27/08, Wednesday

  • Intercultural training: „Native and foreign gastronomic cultures“. Party „Germany introduces itself“ (German folk songs, Pop-Music, Traditions, customs), photos
  • Walks on the beach and in the village Maksimicha (different days): photos

6th day, 28/08, Thursday

The Olympics are coming: „Baikalsky Sport Games“ – Competitions in soccer, volleyball, chess et. al photos

7th day, 29/08, Friday

Project day: Examinations in 'Mini-Laboratories' (excursions):

  • „Biological Diversity: Flora, Fauna“: photos

8th day, 30/08, Saturday

  • Continuation of the project work. Hydrology - Bathing in Baikal: photos
  • Baikalsky Sport Games“ (continuation): photos

9th day, 31/08, Sunday

  • Birthday of the Lake Baikal, action „The clean beach of Baikal";
  • With the ship on the Baikal: photos
  • Competition: Souvenirs made of dried leafs, stones, wood etc.; farewell party "Holy, beautiful Baikal": photos

10th day, 01/09, Monday

Return to Ulan-Ude: photos

11th day, 02/09, Tuesday

Programmу of the Gilbira-School:

  • Ivolginsky Datsan: the biggest Buddhist temple complex photos;
  • Excursion „In the search of Dschinghis-Khan - Inauguration of a new holy place(Stupa)“: photos
  • Visit of the Gilbiria-School photos

12th day, 03/09, Wednesday + 13th Day, 04/09, Thursday

Visits in groups (7 persons each) in the twinned schools of the network with workshops:

  • Gusinoozersk-Gymnasium „The Selenga – Buryatia's main river“:
    • Trip and reception in the school: photos
    • Gusinooe See, Selenga, Dekrabristen-museum etc.: photos
    • Stay in the holiday camp on the Tschutschy-lake: photos
    • Excursion in the nature: photos
  • Kizhinga-Lyzeum „Traditional buryatian culture“: photos
  • Onochoy-Middle-School „The oldest memorial of Tibetan medecine“: photos
  • Tarbagatay-Middle-School „Traditional culture of the orthodox Russians“: photos

Return to Ulan-Ude, host families.

14th Day, 05/09, Friday

  • morning: International Workshop "Biological and cultural diversity of the partner regions: Experiences of and perspective for the cooperation between the Russian and the German schools" (Humanitarian-musical lyceum): photos
  • afternoon: Visits in the following educational institutions:
    • Grammar School №33: "Eko-Green-Team": photos?
    • Grammar School №14: "Information technology in the globalized world": photos?
    • Foreign Language Department at the Buryatian University: "Tolerance and modern communication": photos?
  • Critical reflexions about the stay in the GRAN-office with all the responsable assistants:
in the GRAN-office with all the responsable assistants
Intensive critical reflexion....

15th Day, 06/09, Saturday

16th Day, 07/09, Sunday

Return flight of the German Group: Ulan-Ude – Moscow – Hanover:

Farewell and departure

The realisation of this project was only possible because of the numerous sponsors mentionned on the flyer. The main part of the sponsorship comes from the foundation Deutsch-Russischer-Jugendaustausch (German-Russian Youth Exchange) or BP

Becker and Gebbe's subsequent final programme (director and tutor)

16th Day, 07/09, Sunday

Walks in Ulan-Ude by the Selenga, Uda, harbour photos

17th Day, 08/09, Monday

Day at the office (no photos)

18th Day, 09/09, Tuesday

  • Trip to the Tunka-valley - Arshan - health resort: photos
  • Walking-tour to the cascade photos

19th Day, 10/09, Wednesday

  • Excursions in the Tunka-valley I: photos
  • Excursions in the Tunka-valley II: photos
  • Excursions in the Tunka-valley III: photos

20th Day, 11/09, Thursday

  • Excursions in the Tunka-valley IV: photos
  • Excursions in the Tunka-valley V: photos
  • Excursions in the Tunka-valley VI: photos

21st Day, 12/09, Friday

Return to Ulan-Ude: photos

22nd Day, 13/09, Saturday

Day at the office, walks in Ulan-Ude, musical performance photos

Farewell by the Selenga

23rd Day, 14/09, Sunday - return flight

(no photos)

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