11 Sept. 2008 Tunka valley:

On this day we first went from Arshan to the volcanoes close to Khuray-Khobok, then on local tracks to the Pokkrowkaja church in Tunka, after that with our off-highway vehicle over hard routes to the solitary situated holiday homes in a valley in the south of Zhemtschug close to Ulan-Gorkhan.

In the early morning with view on the Tunka valley

The only unwooded volcanoe
Volcanoe - people mined here
Attach:bu08-21-019.jpgbu08-21-019k.jpg Δ?
Restaurated Pokkrowkaja church in Tunka
Irkut (river)
Extreme road conditions
On the long way over Zhemtschug to Ulan-Gorkhan
River in a mountain valley
On this bridge even the capacities of an all-terrain vehicle are not sufficient
Warning of bears! Endpoint for us!


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