19 Sept. 2008 Tunka valley - part 1

General map with some stations of this day. Arshan is over the right part of the card.

At 7h10 Uhr we already have to go to the bus. Outside the fog is dense and it is freezing. It takes us more than one hour to get to Kyren, the district capital, which borders on the road over 8 km. There we find the national park administration which provides us for two days with an all-terrain vehicle and a male and a female driver. Dascha, our companion from Ulan-Ude, translated.

Other stations are amongst others Nilowka (Health resort - radon containing water) and Choito-Gol.

Our vehicle the first holy place
the fog disappears slowly
Magnificient views on the Sajan mountain
60 km off Mongolia
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Nilowka: Tiny health resort deep in a cliffy valley
Not far away a Buddhist temple complex
Holy mountain: Access forbidden!
Continuation of the journey with a beautiful view on Choito-Gol (see excursion part 2)

Part 2 of the excursion

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