2 Sept. 2008 Ivolginsky Datsan - Gilbira

Situated in the south of Ulan-Ude Gibira and surroundings from great hights
Reception on Ivolginsky Datsan
Walk through the temple complex Prayer wheels
Group photo in front of a big temple
Holy trees
Students of Buddhism
Group picture in front of the biggest datsan Camel on the way to the next destination of the day

The eternel Lama Itigelow

"In 2002 Russian Buddhists digged out the non-decayed body of the Lama Itigelow, which had been buried 75 years ago. Since then the Lama is enthroned in the lotus position in the Buddhist monastery "Ivolginskij Datsan". A thousand ot believers and interested peoples visit in the search of luck and wish-fulfilling" Continuation of the article (in German)

Four male participants of our group from Osnabrück had the honour and possibility to see the Lama Itigelow - since 2008 he is placed in an "own" big temple and only visible for the publicity on 7 special days in the year! - Further information in the Internet, e.g. here

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