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Verein für Ökologie und Umweltbildung Osnabrück e.V.

Dr. Gerhard BeckerUBINOS, Univ. Osnabrücke-mailTel. 0541-40386 (p), 9694473 (d)

Workshop for environmental education of the local agenda 21

Dr. Gerhard BeckerSpecialist area environmental education, Univ. Osnabrücke-mailTel. 0541-40386 (p), 9694473 (d)
Andrea HeinCentre of environmental educatione-mailTel. 0541-5600331

NGO "Baikal Information Centre "GRAN"

Director: Dr. Nina Dagbaeva
Executive Director: Tatyana Fedorova

Website GRAN- e-mail


Owner/Editorial office:Registered association for ecology and environmental education OsnabrückUniversity Osnabrück, Specialist area environmental education
Specialist advice:Dr. G. Becker (Specialist for environmental education)
External editors:other members of staff of the Workshop for environmental education of the local agenda 21 Osnabrück\\such as Tatyana Fedorova(GRAN, Ulan-Ude) (Webmaster) 
Technical support:C. Gruber (Centre for the support of virtual doctrine of the University Osnabrück, virtUOS)
 2014/15 Neugestaltung Lucas Wittstruck

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