2008 Reports of pupils from Osnabrueck

Amalie Winstrǿm-Olsen: Short summary of the trip pdf

Johanna Krull, Diana Schmücker, Lea Klöppel, Rebecca Viere: Journey into the Unknownpdf (published in the book "Intercultural environmental education")

Rebecca Viere and Diana Schmücker: Gusinoozersk pdf

Amalie Winstrǿm-Olsen: Gymnasium No. 14 pdf

Viktoria Döpke, Alexandra Steinke and Johannes Epken: Intercultural communication pdf

Amalie Winstrǿm-Olsen: Kizhinga pdf

Lea Klöppel: Onochoy pdf

Viktoria Döpke, Jan Marten Brunink and Johannes Epken: School visit Tarbagatay pdf

Jan-Marten Brunink: Faculty of foreign languages: Tolerance and modern communication pdf

Mareike Wegmann: Baikal ’08 pdf

Helene Schuldt: Baikal08 pdf

Rebekka Heye-Enneking: The journey to the Baikal Lake pdf

Cornelius Lindemann: Om mani padme hum – Buddhism in Russia?! pdf (published in the book "Intercultural environmental education")

Daria Lubinez: Reflexion about the journey to Buryatia: Between two fronts pdf (published in the book "Intercultural environmental education")

Newspaper interview in summer 2009

In the frames of the reporter project "Klasse!" of the Newspaper Osnabrueck "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" (NOZ) a few articles to the topic water were published on 18th of July 2009, amongst others an interview with four participants of the youth group (e.g. Henrik Möllenkamp and Alwin Förster), who visited Buryatia in 2008:

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