Visit in Buryatia (01-24/09/2006)

Four members of the workshop for environmental education ("AK Umweltbildung"), two of them from schools in Osnabrueck, stayed in Ulan-Ude and Buryatia from the 01/09 to the 24/09/2006. The programme contained amongst others

  • Visit of 8 selected schools
  • Discussions and lectures in the university
  • Participation in a scientific congress
  • Visit of environmental institutions and museums
  • Participatiaon in two workshops with teachers from the Buryatian network of environmental orientated schools
  • Planning and preparation of the future cooperation

An illustrated diary of Wiltrud Betzler-Schellin

To the galery

The trip to the Baikal (Sept. 2006)

Photos from the stays and the trips in Buryatia

- about 800 photos -

2nd/3rd September: Journey and map: photos, map

6th September: Buryatian Buddhist school in Kizhinga: photos

7th September: Eco-centre in Ulan-Ude: photos

7th September: Old Believers-school in Tarbagatai: photos

8th September: Trip to Gremjatschinsk (Baikal): photos

9th September: Gremjatschinsk and Wild Lake: photos

9th-12th September: Gremjatschinsk: Impressions: photos

10th-11th September: Gremjatschinsk: Baikal beach photos

10th September: Kotokel Lake near Gremjatschinsk: photos

12th September: School in Gremjatschinsk: photos

12th September: Shipping on the Baikal and excursion: photos

13th September: Back in Ulan-Ude: photos

14th September: Ulan-Ude, Onomastik-Congress: photos

15th September: Buddhist Datsan Ivolginski: photos

15th/16th September: Trip along the Selenga to Enchaluk (Baikal): photos

15th/16th September: Beach of Enchaluk (Baikal): photos

17th September: Ulan-Ude - ethnographical open-air museum: photos

18th September: Teacher workshop I in Onochoy: photos

19th September: Kjachta (Mongolian border): photos

20th September: Teacher workshop II in Ulan-Ude: photos

21th September: Professional school in Selenginsk: photos

22th September: Two professional schools in Ulan-Ude: photos

22th September: Musical Lyceum in Ulan-Ude: photos

22th September: Farewell: photos

23th/24th September: Return flight: photos

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