10 September 2006: Kotokel lake (Gremjatschinsk)

"The Kotokel lake is situated only a few kilometers from the coast; his water level is 3 meters higher than the level of the Baikal. In summertime its shallow, relatively warm water attracts thousands of people to the holiday homes and datcha colonies on its waterside. The lake is big (15 km long, 6 km wide, surface 60 km2) and the visiters mainly come to its south and north, because those areas are close to the road. So there are still lonely parts! But anyway the intense use of the lake is visible - especially close to the bank, the water is full of algae and other water plants. The only effluent is called after his "role" - Istók. After 2 km it flows into the river Kototschik. Reportedly the water sometimes can't flow off in spring when the Kototschik has too much water, so that so water is pushed back into the lake. In former times there was a monastery on the island in the northern part of the lake. Reputedly you can find rests of buildings, wildly sprawling currant bushes and rests of a vegetable garden still today. People say, the fish in the lake became that big, because they could live on the monks' litter so well. The lake is very popular among anglers." (excerpt from Mall/Just, S. 429).

Air photograph of the northern part of \\ the

Kotokel lake - Google-Earth

Holiday home on the Kotokel lake
Beginning of the boat tour on the northern part
Autumnal atmosphere...
The island's only beach
Picknick Foot bath in the modest cold water
One of the few water birds
of this season
Walk on the other part of the island
Return trip
Gulls Reception at the arrival

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