14 September 2006: Ulan-Ude - City walking tour - Onomastik conference

Ulan-Ude is one of the oldest cities in Siberia, it is the capital of the Russian Republic of Buryatia, has 360.000 inhabitants, is 5000 km away from Moscow and has a distinctive multicultural character!

Brief description on Wikipedia

Extencive information to the city Ulan-Ude, its history and sights

City centre

Central place (Place of the council
with the building of the district president
A reconstructed old archway
the biggest Lenin bust in the world on the Sowjet Place
Broadcast building (Dom radio) Yurt on the central place
Hotel Buryatia
Kwas selling (drink) Gaming machines
New pedestrian zone - modern shops
New publicity...
retail trade
New Old
Some things are known from Western Europe...

Onomastik conference and cultural evening

A cultural evening with dance/ballet and music was organised for the evening of the first day of the scientific Onomastik conference on the university Ulan-Ude.

go to the old city and to the market in Ulan-Ude

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