15/16 Sept.: Trip along the Selenga to Enchaluk (Baikal)

The second part of the Onomastik conference took place in the north of the huge Selenga Dela in Nowy Enchaluk, a new touristy place.

The way to Enchaluk

Along the Selenga the road leads downstream from Ulan-Ude. Close to Selenginsk you have to take the ferry to transfer the river. It is at this point where the picture of the way to Enchaluk start. The road goes in parallel to the delta until Nowy Enchaluk.

Selenga close to the ferry station
The bridge is replaced by the ferry
Heavy labour
View on the Baikal Road along the coast
Our comfortable touristy accomodation in Enchaluk
Yurts next to our accomodation
Two busts Lenin

To a vespertine walk on the Baikal shore (15/09/06)

To a morning walk on the Baikal shore (16/09/06)

About Nówy Enchaluk

"The small settlement today is mainly composed of holiday camps, guesthouses and quite elegant summer houses. Because of its warm water and the beautiful beaches Nowy Enchaluk is the most popular resort beside the Sor backwater. Being only 170 km off Ulan-Ude it is also convenient for short stays. As for the accomodations there is a wide range of prices, so that everybody will find something. (fromMall/Just S. 425)

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