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Prehistory - Beginning of the cooperation

Experience-orientated environmental education and the internet

In the frames of the GTZ-project "Experience-orientated environmental education and the internet" (2002-2004) of the Baikal information centre GRAN and in the context of the international project Water for Life the first contacts were established and the first delegation from Buryatia visited Osnabrück in June.

"Water for Life" and "Experience-orientated environmental education and the internet"

The Baikal information centre GRAN

The Baikal information centre GRAN, which works for the ecological protection of the Baikal region and its sustainable development, pursues especially educational work and built in the last years a network of about 30 schools (supported e.g. by the German GTZ), that all deal with that kind of questions.

Joint activities

We had a lot of joint activities between 2002 and 2004 such as:

  • Participation in an international jury at a competetion for pupils called "Best Christmas A Story about water!" with international participation (Selection of the pupil's stories in English translation)
  • Remote participation in the international conference "Tertiary education for Siberia's sustainable development"
  • Contact and cooperation meeting at a GTZ congress (Eschborner career days "Forming future: Youth as partners" in June 2003 in Eschborn/Frankfurt (Infos on the congress)
  • 27/06-02/07/2004: Several guest lectures (G. Becker) at the university Ulan-Ude about environmental education, sustainable development and education of teachers and the like with discussions in different areas. Presentation in the frames of a workshop for teachers of the project schools in Buryatia.
  • 04-11/07/2004: Gerhard Becker's active participation in the international eco week on the Baikal lake (Detailed information and photos) and evaluation
  • Drafting of an expert's report on the GTZ (August 2004)
  • Publications (see below)
  • Further information


Several publications written in German and in Russian have been written in the aftermath. Here an incomplete selection:

Problems of the environmental education of teachers at the universtity in the context of a sustainable development. Assumptions to the international conference "Tertiary education for Siberia's sustainable development" in Ulan-Ude (19.9.-21.9.02).

Published in a conference volume, Ulan-Ude 2002 (Russian) German version (pdf)?

  • "Experience-orientated environmental education and the internet" - Experct advice to the project of the Baikal information centre GRAN

  • Sustainable environmental education as a 'glocal' and intercultural challenge - experiences on the Baikal and in Ulan-Ude in East Siberia. (Russian translation being about to be printed) online Version
  • All about the holy sea. Sustainable environmental education and the internet in the Baikal region, in: Environment and Education and an own online version
  • Environmental education in Buryata and ecoweek (russische Fassung, pdf, 0,8 MB?)
  • Interculturality of sustainable environmental education. Schools on the Eastsiberian Baikal lake as examples and cooperation partners (with Nina Dagbaeva), in: DGU News 30 (pdf, 1,4 MB?) or as an online version

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