Environmental education in Buryatia

Websites - publikations GRAN - practical examples (2002-2004)

Nina Dagbaeva: Ecologically orientated school models in the Baikal region

Angelika K.: From the virtual world to the nature

Methodical-scientific journal for the Baikal region. Special edition environmental education: Preschool, school, out-of-school education

INDEX OF CONTENTS Unit 1: Land and people •Geographical location, landscape and waters of Buryatia •Climate Buryatia •Languages, population and administrative divisions of Buryatia Unit 2: Governmental structure and economy •State-building and symbols of Buryatia •Economic system of Buryatia Unit 3: History and present •History of Buryatia •Religions in Buryatia •Celebrations, customs and traditions •Buryatian traditional costumes •Cuisine in Buryatia Unit 4: Cities of Buryatia Unit 5: Science and Education Unit 6: Cultural life •Literature •Theatre •Visual arts Unit 7: Leisure and tourism •Museums •Protected areas in the Baikal region •Travel destination Buryatia Bibliography, references

Lectures about environmental education in Buryatia

in frames of the stay in Osnabrück in late Nov. 2005

Prehistory of the cooperation

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