Visit in Osnabrück (20/11-04/12/2005)

In the frames of a wide work and guest programm two two-part guest lectures took place in the frames of the academic "Lecture series environment-development-peace".

In the end a written cooperation agreement of long duration was drawn up.

Guest lectures

Lecture 1:

Ecological and cultural variety and problems of sustainable development in the Baikal region (East Siberia).

Prof. Dr. Nina Dagbaeva, Prof. Dr. Elvira Narchinova (both State University Ulan-Ude, Republic Buryatia, Russian Federation)

23th of November - 18h15 Seminarstr. 19A/B (Auditorium Geography, building 2, R. E04) in the frames of the lecture series evironment - development - peace

Brief description (announcement): Buryatia, a republic in the Russian Federation, is situated on the Baikal lake, whose animal and plant world is still full of miracles: Amongst all the 2500 species of the lake, which contains 20% of the fresh water of the world, 60% of the animal species and 15% of the plant species are endemic. Buryatia is situated in the eastern part of Russia (East Siberia), in a region with extreme continental climate, but with a fascinating nature und beauty. Here you can find peoples with wide cultural and religious traditions: Buryats, Evenks, Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Poles and Russian Germans with their own history and their own destiny. Ulan-Ude, in former times known as Werneudinsk, is the capital of the Republic and was the trans-shipment centre and the joint connection of the trade relations between Asia and Europe. This being the background the chosen topics for the lecture are the present environmental problems in Buryatia, possible perspectives of a sustainable development and the work of the "Baikal information centre GRAN" being one of the few NGOs in Buryatia. Environmental pedagogical aspects are going to be presented in a second lecture on 28th of November.

Sheets of the first part of the lecture "Ecological and cultural diversity in the Baikal region"

Sheets of the second part of the lecture "Problems of sustainable development in the Baikal region"

Lecture 2:

Experience-orientated environmental education and networking via the internet in schools in Buryatia (East Siberia)

Prof. Dr. Nina Dagbaeva (Baikal Information centre GRAN in Ulan-Ude), Natalja Neradovskaya (Head of the school in Onochoy, Buryat Republic)

28th of November - 18h00 Auditorium building of the university, Kolpingstr. 7, Room 01/EZ04 (1st floor)

The main target of the environmental education in the Baikal region is the conservation of the nature und the locally situated peoples' cultural diversity which is relevant to the environment. Therefore environmental education has an important ethnical dimension. (More information in the presentation on November 23rd)

At lot of questions are coming up, when the term "Sustainability" is realized in the environmental education. The scientists and teachers in schools in Buryatia are looking for methods how to realize "Sustainability" workably and in a way which is adequate for the target group. In order to network and support the schools, the "Baikal Information Centre GRAN" makes use of the internet (amongst others). GRAN has also arranged some environmental education projects on an international level. The presentation also contains the reflexions on the experiences of those projects.

The secondary school in the provincial town Onochoy (Natalja Neradovskaya is the head of the school) was repeatedly priced as the best school in Russia. A focal point at this was environmental education.

Further information in an essay written by Becker Becker and Nina Dagbaeva: Interculturality of sustainable environmental education in schools on the East Siberian Baikal as examples and cooperation partners

Sheets of the first part of the presentation "Experience-orientated environmental education..."

Sheets of the second part of the presentation "Environmental education at the secondary school in Onochoy"

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Information on previous cooperation

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