22.8.2011: Osnabrück sight-seeing tour

Sight-seeing tour begins at the building of the Trade union
Bicycle parking area

The "Living Hase: The revitalization project "the Living Hase" has been carried out for many years. It is a project supported by the city administration. A new pedestrian path along the Hase river was opened in August 20, 2011. (Info).

There are also an association "Schools for the living Hase" and "Godfathers brooks", supported by the association for ecology and environmental education ( More information + Infos 2).
The river Hase A new pedestrian path along the river
A new pedestrian path along the river
Hase Fountain Haarmann
Fountain Haarmann St.Petrus Cathedral, photos, videos

St. Mary's Church

The City hall

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