1.9.2011 Seminar on selective waste collection

Seminar on selective waste collection: Due to the waste, prepared beforehand, Buryat students showed how germans sort waste. Such topics as waste reduction and recycling were discussed at the seminar.

The seminar on paper production: Students learned how to produce new paper from old one. Paper production and recycling were also under discussion.

Both seminars were directed by Ms. Dorota Kucia, a member of the Association for ecology and environmental education. Dorota Kucia has been successfully holding similar seminars for students in Osnabrück. The project is called Pedagogical environmental advice at schools. Besides, there is a project Pedagogical environmental advice on correct energy consumption at schools (U. Wilm-Chemnitz). Due to this project schools gain advice on energy saving and organise events, aimed at changing students' attitude to the energy saving and climate protection.

Seminar on selective waste collection
Preparation for the seminar on paper production
Master class The first attempts
Products Drying

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