2.9.2011 Nature and environment museum in Schölerberg (Osnabrück)

The Website of the museum, which is also the Centre for environmental education in Osnabrück, has a planetarium and an underground Zoo, connecting the centre with the main Zoo Osnabrück.

The underground Zoo, belonging to the museum, consists of the "underground labyrinth with different types of soil, support beams at the walls and tree roots, making their way through the roof. Prarie dogs, field hamsters, naked moles live here in their holes. You can observe them during feeding, building nests, hibernation. You can also see rats here: they run through the medieval waste channels, built as a copy of the original. To help visitors, the museum offers information audio and video devices. The next site is 3D-cinema. The admission to the underground Zoo is free for the museum visitors."

Information from the Zoo Website

Pertified roots
Dinosaurs exibition

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