The student exchange goes on in 2009/10:

Buryat adolescents visit Osnabrück in August 2009 (15/08-29/08/2009)

A first student exchange was successfully realized in 2007 (in Osnabrück) and 2008 (Buryatia/Baikal). The background is a general cooperation (since 2002) and long-term (since 2005) of the mentionned organisations.

Now those exchanges are going to be continued: From 15/08 to 29/08 in Osnabrück and 2010 in Buryatia and on the Baikal.

The adolescents come from the towns Kizhinga, Onochoj, Zaigraewo, Gilbira, Guzinozersk and of course from the capital Ulan-Ude. Some of the schools are described in theMenüpunkt Schulen/projects:

The guests have arrived safely!

Planning 2009 in Osnabrück?

Buryatia is situated in the north, the east and the south of Baikal
Overview on a part of Buryatia

Map excerpt of most of the places the Buryat participants of the journey to Osnabrueck come from

Kishinga is situated 200 km in the eath of Ulan-Ude

Programm 2009 in Osnabrück

Newspaper interview in summer 2009

In the frames of the reporter project "Klasse!" of the Newspaper Osnabrueck "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" (NOZ) a few articles to the topic water were published on 18th of July 2009, amongst others an interview with four participants of the youth group (e.g. Henrik Möllenkamp and Alwin Förster), who visited Buryatia in 2008:

The realization of the project was only possible because of different sponsors. The biggest part of the sponsoring on the German party comes from the foundation German-Russian-Youth-Exchange and the city Osnabrueck.

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