2009: Visit in Osnabrück - Documentation

Sat. 15.8. Arrival of the Buryat guests photos
Sun. 16.8. Personal settling in the host families
Mon. 17.8.
Sightseeing in Osnabrück (historic centre) (guided by Dr. Caroline Bäßler) photos

Intercultural training of all German and Buryat adolescent participants

Tue. 18.8.
Beginn of the three-day programme with the topic "forest" in the educational centre Noller Schlucht photos
  • scouting games to get to know the forest in the area / with compass and map;
  • examination of differnt parts of the forest in the area of the Noller River's Valley (animals, herbs, trees etc.)
  • campfire in the evening
Wed. 19.8.
Programme educational centre Noller Schlucht photos
  • Getting to know the river Hase in its source area;
  • examinations of ground conditions, preparations for plantings for the next day;
  • campfire in the evening
Thu. 20.8.
Programme educational centre Noller Schlucht photos
  • in the morning: concrete renaturation – plantings.
  • in the afternoon: evaluation (also intercultural)
  • return to Osnabrück
Fri. 21.8.
school visits of the buryatian adolescents together with the pupils of their host families

group of the supervisors: Visit of the Gesamtschule Schinkel photos

Buryat evening with dance and music photos

Sat. 22.8. excursion of the Buryat supervisors to Münster

Intercultural afternoon with games and barbecue for every participant of the exchange and for the host families

Sun. 23.8. free time, excursions etc. with and in the host families

Day trip of the Buryat supervisors to Hamburg

Mon. 24.8.
Trip to the North Sea Island Langeoog in the Wadden Sea with Excursion photos
Tue. 25.8. Beginning of the three-day Project to the topic „Hase – urbain life“ of the Vereins für Ökologie und Umweltbildung Osnabrück e.V.
  • First excursion to the Hase: from the Hasepark to the Pernickelmühle photos
  • problem of waste disposal in the city photos
  • hand papermaking from recovered paperphotos
Wed. 26.8.
  • reception at the mayoress Ms. Jabs-Kiesler photos
  • Second excursion to the Hase: from the cafeteria to the Hase's bayou in Eversburg photos
  • Water examinations with the "Grashüpfer" of the UBZ Schölerberg photos
Thu. 27.8.
  • Visit of the Museum am Schölerberg photos
  • Artistic processing of the products from 25th and 26th of August (using e.g. the handmade paper) photos
Fri. 28.8.

free time, shopping

group of the supervisors: visit of the Berufsschulzentrums Westerberg photos

farewell party in the Lagerhalle photos

Sat. 29.8. Return flight to Ulan-Ude photos

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